Building a Successful Partnership: Maxin FInance x C-Devs

Maxin Finance is constantly growing and evolving, extending its chain of partnerships day by day. This time, we collaborated with C-Devs to develop an innovative blockchain solution for a client. Thanks to successful outcomes and client satisfaction, the partnership between C-Devs and our company turned into a continuous collaboration.

About C-Devs

C-Devs is a software development company that works with companies around the globe. When they are overloaded with projects and lack resources, we provide them with the necessary staff who handle the development from a to z.

Why did C-Devs choose to work with Maxin Finance?

C-devs were looking for a tech partner who would have a team of skilled in-house developers and project managers. They also wanted to collaborate with a company that had experience with blockchain development and possessed the expertise that was required for the project. In that process, they stumbled upon Maxin Finance.

During the initial stages of negotiations and discussions, it became apparent that our company was a perfect match for their needs. Our lengthy experience with software development, AI, and blockchain is what drew their attention in the first place. We offered high-quality, fast development that would lead to successful outcomes within a reasonable timeframe. Other benefits we provided included:

  • The low-tax environment thanks to our location;
  • Competitive and affordable pricing;
  • Agile project management approach;
  • High level of English competency within the whole team;
  • High-quality execution.

Considering all these benefits, C-Devs chose to partner with Maxin Finance on the given project with the prospects of continuing collaboration in the future. To make sure the client would receive the expected results, we provided C-Devs with a qualified project manager, expert tech lead, and two experienced solidity developers.

The project

Maxin Finance partnered with C-Devs on the project that included the development of a smart contract with unique features for the client. The company was launching an innovative non-profit cryptocurrency that had to operate through a customized smart contract.

The goal of the project was to optimize the process of burning the crypto to maintain the value of the coin and implement an account freezing mechanism to prevent the theft of money.

Throughout the whole process, we maintained a clear network of communication with the client and C-Devs. We matched their workflow perfectly thanks to the flexibility of our team.  We provided recommendations regarding the best ways to tackle the existing challenges, particularly with burn automation and account freezing functions.

As a result, our developers created innovative solutions, incorporated them into a smart contract, audited it thoroughly, and transferred the final product to the client.

Smart contract development for C-Devs and the client took about a month to complete. The project was medium in terms of difficulty, which is why we were able to deliver it in a short amount of time.

The outcomes of the partnership

The success of the project was demonstrated through a comprehensive smart contract audit. We always use external auditing services to prove the quality of our products. During the audit, we discovered minor errors that were easily corrected. We conducted the audit once more to ensure the final smart contract would be bulletproof.

After the project was completed, C-Devs confirmed that the client was satisfied with the results and they received exactly what they were looking for. The launch of the cryptocurrency was successful because the smart contract operated smoothly. The client hasn’t encountered any issues since the launch.

Here’s how C-Devs described the experience of working with our company:

“Working with Maxin Finance  is a breeze. They are fantastic and will continue working together for the foreseeable future.”

“Maxin Finance delivered the project in a timely manner, and the client was very satisfied with the final results. Their team was agile, responsive, and efficient throughout the engagement.”

The partnership with C-Devs is just one example of Maxin Finance success stories. We have plenty of satisfied clients, a vast number of completed projects, as well as a team that is always willing to innovate. Partner with us and receive impeccable results consistently!

This article was originally published on MaxinAI.com on October 6, 2022.

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