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We are a crypto-native team building solutions for global startups and enterprises. Our extensive experience in AI and Big Data allows us to develop groundbreaking approaches to build DeFi and NFT projects.We work with over 100 full-time engineers and operate from Georgia ⁠— a country with tax incentives for tech companies and crypto-friendly regulations.


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Maxin was founded in 2017 as an AI Consultancy solving complicated business challenges with cutting-edge technologies such as Machine Learning, Distributed Computing, and Big Data. 

Projects ranged in industries from automating label extraction and accelerating insurance claims to improving livestock tracking. We gained indispensable experience along the way and completed hundreds of innovative jobs.

Positive feedback kept flowing as we continued delivering the highest-quality services.

Fast forward, we grew to a 100+ engineer company and founded a Joint-Venture in Israel called Olmait, serving the Israel market.

Our team comprises the brightest minds ready to think out of the box and solve the most complicated challenges.

While working in AI for years, our founders have been personally investing in hundreds of DeFi projects. Excited about the blockchain industry's growth and potential, Maxin founders started to retrain AI engineers into blockchain and cryptography experts. It was time to shift Maxin's focus to blockchain development. 

Maxin Finance was born in 2021. 

Today, we mainly provide blockchain development services which include DeFi engineering, Decentralized Storage engineering, and NFT experiences.

Decentralization is the bright future that humanity does not yet understand well. 

Ioseb Khutsishvili founds Maxin. First international clients onboarded.
20+ engineers. 5 clients. 

CEO Giorgi Jvaridze implements PMP certification standards across the company.

Levan Tsinadze, Director of AI research, launches the School of AI and trains 100+ AI experts.
David Khosroshvili, our new CEO, implements an OKR-based management process optimizing the company's operations and maximizing profitability. 
We reach 100+ engineers.
We decide to focus  on blockchain technologies solely. New name: Maxin Finance.

Our Team

It’s not our work. It’s our passion. We often accept equity as payment. We apply for grants together with you and pitch together to investors. You’ll enjoy working with us.

David Khosroshvili

David Khosroshvili

CEO, Co-founder
Ioseb Khutsishvili

Ioseb Khutsishvili

CTO, Co-founder
Giorgi Jvaridze

Giorgi Jvaridze

Lika Chkhirodze

Lika Chkhirodze

Senior Project Manager
Ilia Dasrsavelidze

Ilia Darsavelidze

Project Manager
Giorgi Baghdavadze

Giorgi Baghdavadze

Senior Solidity Engineer
Sandro Kavtaradze

Sandro Kavtaradze

Project Manager


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Frequently Asked Questions

We Build complex software with our highly experienced Teams.
We provide technology solutions built on 20+ years of expertise in Tech.

What are the core competencies of MaxinAI?

MaxinAI is a blockchain and custom software development company. With top-tier developers, we offer services ranging from web & app development to cloud engineering, machine learning, software design, and back-end services. Our expertise also covers various aspects of blockchain development, including smart contract creation and

How to engage with us?

Please leave us your contact details and our business development managers will get in touch with you within 24 hours. During the consultation, we’ll answer all of your questions to make sure you have the necessary information before starting our partnership.If you want to schedule a meeting on a specific date, you can do so by clicking on the Calendly link. After following simple instructions, you’ll be able to set up a consultation directly with one of our business development managers.

What Technologies does MaxinAI work with?

To deliver blockchain development services to startups and enterprises, we use technologies such as Solidity and Rust. The former allows us to develop smart contracts that run on Ethereum network. The latter enables us to deliver fast, reliable, and efficient software that can be used for scalable web services. By employing these programming languages, we create secure and productive software on blockchain.

What is blockchain application?

Blockchain application follows the same concept as traditional software programs, but it has a decentralized architecture. It utilizes economic systems that are powered by cryptocurrency to boost security and increase reliability among users. Blockchain applications make it possible to tokenize assets and implement transparent transaction protocols. They provide new network incentives to speed up and streamline traditional time-consuming processes.

What is a private blockchain?

At MaxinAI we think of ourselves as more than just an AI Consultancy. We become part of your team bringing world class expertise such as artificial inteA private blockchain is a distributed ledger that is only shared among permitted users. It has a network administrator that grants access to specific data only to a particular group of participants. In general, private blockchain is used by corporations and administrative entities that want to employ the benefits of a distributed ledger without leaving sensitive data for public access. Unlike public blockchain, private blockchain has a single authority that manages the whole network and oversees the issues regarding the access. In that sense, a private blockchain is a centralized system.lligence, machine learning, distributed computing, and big data analysis into your organisation. Contact us for discussion about your forthcoming project. Some of the solutions we build include chatbots, recommendation systems, conversion predictors, named entity recognition tools, user behavior prediction tools, adult content filters, and others

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